Published: 6/5/2020


Last night (or today morning for US peeps), we got bombarded with a bunch of BLR house parties videos (based of the famous SF Tech houseparty video). My personal favorite one was- https://twitter.com/vindytalks/status/1249731107504840706 and now we just need someone to do a DEL version.

Moving to the news of the day, more consolidation may be coming soon & a digital therapeutic platform just raised:

  • https://bit.ly/2Vo2OK9 (Entrackr): Zomato & Grofers in talks for a possible merger
  • ➡️ In a very interesting scoop, Entrackr is reporting that Zomato & Grofers might be in talks for a merger, and there are ongoing talks at the company level. Grofers was last valued at $750M and Zomato might be shopping around in the grocery segment as it held failed talks with BigBasket about a merger as well

    ➡️ I’m not terribly certain if this move makes sense for either given the fact that Alibaba has invested in both Zomato & BigBasket (and by Zomato acquiring Grofers, a couple of their biggest investments would be competitors).

    ➡️ On the other hand, it definitely does seem like Zomato & Grofers are slighly behind their main competitors (Swiggy & BigBasket respectively). Meanwhile, Swiggy is also entering the grocery & daily essential items, so this merger might help Zomato get the upper hand on Swiggy.

    ➡️ Grofers & Zomato have been working together in recent times to pilot a grocery service on Zomato so this merger could be a fledged scaled out version of that. I will say though that it seems like these talks are an early stage and we all know how the last acquisition in the food delivery space played out (Uber Eats)

  • https://bit.ly/3a8oS0B (ET): Wellthy Therapeutics raises $4M from Saama
  • ➡️ Wellthy Therapeutics (honestly a fan of the name) just announced a $4M Pre-Series A from Saama Capital to expand it’s product suite & accelerate the launch of its respiratory digital therapeutics.

    ➡️ The platform & app which initially launched as a sort of personal health coach for Type II diabetic patients has performed significantly well, and the company has a very clear mission statement: “To inspire and enable 10 million patients to reverse, prevent or control their chronic condition by 2025.”

    ➡️ Diabetes is quite a prevalent problem in India with over 69M people living with it (in 2015). This equates to about ~5% of India’s population, and the platform engages it’s users by giving them a health tracker, interactive lessons as well as coaching.

    ➡️ I’m not terribly familiar with the space in India so I am not super certain what their monetization plan is. But it seems like the company could be selling it’s platform to doctors or hospitals who then monitor their patients via Wellthy. The company has also partnered with pharmacies, Insurance companies & Medical devices companies so would probably take a cut of those generated transactions.

    ➡️ In the future it does seem like they want to go beyond diabetes, which does seems to make sense to me. Wellthy can use the diabetes wedge to get doctors, pharmacies & other partners onboard. And then can upsell those entities to use Wellthy for various digital therapeutical services beyond just diabetes.

    Feedback & ❤️ always appreciated

    More tomorrow :) BONUS (Tweet of the day): https://twitter.com/sehaj23/status/1249887148183961600