Published: 1/4/2021

Good morning and happy new year- it's 2021 and I'm quite glad 2020 is over and am cautiously optimistic for 2021- and excited for the fact that we might actually see some IPOs this year! We also have some updates for the newsletter in 2021 and wrote a bit about it in the link below. We are super thankful to all of y'all for supporting us and the newsletter. And this year we have decided to slightly change our publishing schedule to 4 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) and make the newsletter free! We feel that by making the content free, we can reach more people and also allow people to consume our content in the frequency and medium they prefer. Here's a draft of our Substack post that will go out at 12 PM IST today. We will also tweet it out at noon and would really love it if you should share the announcement with friends, family and anyone else who would love to learn more about the startup ecosystem in India.