Published: 6/25/2020

Good Morning, it's Thursday and this is the 99th edition of the WhatsApp letter!!! Thanks y'all for all the support over the months and hope you all have enjoyed the content till now. Got something special planned for tomorrow so stay tuned :)

Coming to the day's news, AngelList India has a pretty cool new product and should folks "Come Home and Build in India" 1. https://tcrn.ch/2YvUCKv: AngelList launches a cap table management product

➡️ AngelList has launched a product exclusively for the Indian market- EquityList. It helps founders & startups manage their cap tables, as well as manage their employee equity program. The product is quite similar to Carta's core service (which is used by a large portion of the SF Startup Industry).

➡️ Currently startups in India don't really have a great way of managing these complex breakdown, and use a combination of Excel sheets, documents and lawyers to manage their cap tables.

➡️ As someone who has used Carta personally, it's honestly a breeze to use and I can't imagine how employees in India understand the equity they're entitled at the companies they work at.

➡️ There is a definite lack of transparency when it comes to employee equity in India, and hopefully products like these helps to change that.

➡️ It also makes a bunch of sense that AngelList is offering the EquityList product for free, and given their penetration in the Indian startup world (for their other products), it seems like a no-brainer for companies to use the product.

➡️ It is yet to be seen what this product turns into, but I would presume they eventually build out services on the product that they charge companies for (like Carta does).

2. https://bit.ly/2CI30yh: Come Home & Build

➡️ With Donald Trump's decision to suspend the H-1B program (via an executive order), a lot of Indians working at US tech cos are worried & unhappy. And it sounds like some folks are seriously considering moving back to India.

➡️ Hemant Mohapatra, Partner @ Lightspeed Venture Partners India, made the move back to India himself a couple years and wrote a great guide on how to think about that decision (though people's timelines might've been accelerated now)- https://medium.com/swlh/returning-to-india-a-decision-framework-e685ce067304

➡️ There are definitely a lot of startups in the growth stage in India now (with over 30+ unicorns in the country), and probably a bunch more startups who could offer competitive salaries (maybe not quite Bay Area level though).

➡️ I do think there's a huge cultural difference between working in India & the US. I personally have not worked in India but there doesn't seem to be as much of an emphasis on work-life balance as US tech companies usually have.

➡️ Several Indian in America have moved back to be quite successful at what they do, while others haven't fared as well and return back to the States. That being said, with the pandemic this might be a great time to come home and build successful and huge companies and products.

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