Published: 6/5/2020


Good morning y’all!

It’s an hour later here in San Francisco (than when I usually write this) because daylight savings just started, please don’t ask me to explain what exactly that is because I don’t completely understand it myself. News over the weekend has been fairly light, given the current black swan event & given that yesterday was International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share a piece each from a female entrepreneur & investor that I admire a lot. Note: today’s edition is slightly different and will be the person’s takeaways because I feel like I should highlight their point of views rather than my own since our society often silences women:

  • http://bit.ly/3386fIf: ‘Accelerated Signalling’ & Other Key Takeaways For Consumer Brands
  • This piece is by Suchita Salwan, the cofounder of Little Black Book (a social discovery + commerce platform) with millions of users & hundred of thousands of merchants.
  • “Premium Mediocre brands are: i) digitally native; ii) great packaging; iii) Sell some promise that millennials are into; and iv) sell because of community leverage”
  • Also interestingly, “Consumers usually don’t know why they’re buying the product/service they’re buying, but they want it.”
  • “they’re [consumers] diversifying their choices, cutting their disposable income into a pie with thinner slices than what it was before.”
  • “The age of accelerated signalling: … a consumer who wants “new” 24/7, and wants “new” better and faster than before"
  • “Content will play a big role in delivery of “new” as a promise"
  • “women being much more open-minded to try new products and places”
  • “Consumers are expecting their favourite brands/founders and faces to actively take a stand on matters that matter to them”
  • “consumers wanting more stimulus to “post”; and the smarter brands are investing in or are creating unique stimuli and offline properties that enable the same"
  • http://bit.ly/39y9Odi: Building a Hyperlocal News Content Product for India
  • This piece is by Harsha Kumar, a partner at Lightspeed India- one of India’s premier venture funds.
  • “News is a strongly habitual use case … of 80M monthly newspaper readers, 80% had read a paper in the last week, while 45% had read one on the previous day.”
  • “The decline of local news channels combined with increasing DTH penetration and the high cost of creating print newspaper editions means consumers often don’t get the news or opinions that they really care about.”
  • “A digital news products will have to find a way to make their news delivery unique, entertaining and defensible.”
  • “Building a news product that grows virally as such, is difficult … use hyperlocal news as a way to build hyperlocal communities where people share opinions about the happenings in their region.”
  • “The largest consumption of print news in India is in regional languages. Furthermore, as digital penetrates the smallest towns in India, hyperlocal news becomes ever more relevant.”
  • “startups may need to explore monetisation sooner than later. The good news is that there is a huge base of local businesses that are keen to advertise to local customers”
  • “A big piece of the puzzle will be to build a platform that is capable of hyper personalisation. News is not just political content. News extends into entertainment, gossip, sports, business, jobs or even classifieds. and can mean vastly different things for different users”
  • “having a playbook for identifying the most attractive localities and having the right hook to enter a market will be critical to success when building a hyperlocal news product”
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