Published: 7/9/2020

Happy Thursday y'all, hope your week is going well! Hope y'all enjoying your Reels/Mitron/Chingari or whatever new app is trending today. We've got Paytm and their super-app/platform ambitions and a company in the environmental data space in the news today.

  • https://bit.ly/2CfkP7A: Paytm has launched Mini Programs
  • ➡️ Seems like everyone is in a hurry to build the mini-app ecosystem in India. With Google's Spot platform, Paytm has now entered the space by launching Mini Programs to enable businesses being able to leverage Paytm's app & payment facilities to build mini-applications.

    ➡️ This type of platform was famously introduced by WeChat a couple years ago and has seen major success in China. We've also seen companies in the US think about rolling similar platforms (Snap just announced their Minis program last month).

    ➡️ In the West, there has been a trend of people not downloading as many apps anymore so new companies are looking towards gaining eyeshare without forcing users to download a new app. In India, we haven't seen this trend yet but payment platforms are looking to figure out monetization with there not being any money in core payments any longer.

    ➡️ Ultimately I think the platform with the greatest reach and easiest developer experience might win out. It will also be interesting to see if these platforms ask partners to exclusively only build a mini-program/app for their platform (It would be easy for Zomato to build for both Google Spot & Paytm Mini Programs).

    2. https://bit.ly/3gDvxUa: Blue Sky Analytics raises $1.2M led by BEENEXT

    ➡️ A geospatial (I shall explain a little more below) data company Blue Sky Analytics has raised a $1.2M seed round from BEENEXT, Rainmatter Capital (Zerodha's venture arm) & Stanford Angel & Entrepreneurs.

    ➡️ The company is building infrastructure to analyze data in physical world when it comes to air quality, water pollution, heat index & more. The company combines satellite technology, on-ground monitors to collect data and aims to democratize environmental data.

    ➡️ Last year the company introduced BreeZo- a pan-India air quality dataset available as APIs for researchers, governments, and private companies (I've played around with this API and it's quite cool). The company's website for this is also quite interesting- aqi.breezo.in

    ➡️ The company is next working on Zuri, a forest and farm fire management system. This is interestingly Rainmatter's only non-fintech investment and shows the company's initiative in combatting climate change.

    ➡️ I personally am a huge fan of anyone building Infrastructure APIs, as Blue Sky Analytics, but it shall be interesting to see if they can convince Indian companies and central/state/local governments to pay to access this data.

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