Published: 6/5/2020


Alexa play “Friday by Rebecca Black” 🎶

Yet another week in quarantine/shelter-in-place has come to an end and I hope y’all have a good weekend. American unemployment numbers look scary (10M in the last two week) but the markets were up 🤷

We’ve got an edtech & OTT company in the news today so lets get to it.

  • https://bit.ly/3dPZakz (Inc42): Camp K12 raises $4M from Matrix Partners & SAIF
  • ➡️Camp K12 is an edtech platform bringing courses online for students who are in school (K through 12), and currently they only have coding classes, though plan to expand in science, math & arts.

    ➡️And while the company plans to be an online-first platform (capitalizing on the COVID consumer behavior changes), it seems like currently they have mostly done offline courses in private schools in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore (The American Embassy School, The International School Bangalore & B.D. Somani to name a few).

    ➡️And while going online is the new fashionable trend, I’m not sure if it makes for Camp’s current key demographic which is geared more towards rich privileged Indians in Tier I cities.

    ➡️Camp’s current operations are quite different than what the article talks about and I really hope they have something new in the works because the current courses have a very low TAM (I don’t think there are more than 200-300 schools in India who’d be interested in this and would probably not do a course more than twice a year from my experience going to one of these schools).

  • https://tcrn.ch/2V1Cmpz (TechCrunch): Baby Yoda has landed in India
  • ➡️Disney+ has finally launched in India as a newish platform. It will actually be clubbed into Hotstar and both entities will be combined into a singular subscription.

    ➡️The platform will have have two plans- the regular one without premium US content (HBO, Disney Originals) but will include other shows, movies and live sports; while the premium plan would include the premium content.

    ➡️I honestly think the two tiered plan makes a lot of sense (as Hotstar also previously had) because a significant portion of the userbase is mostly interested in Cricket and the occasional Hotstar original content/Indian serial shows while the India 1α subset of users would want access to the premium content and would be willing to spend money for it.

    ➡️The journalist does mention a pretty big cause of concern for Disney Hotstar which is the potential loss of the IPL this year. Apparently the service generates 50% of their annual revenue from the cricket league itself and with the league delayed indefinitely (and possibly cancelled), Disney Hotstar is probably going to have a “Red Wedding” of a year.

    Feedback & ❤️ always appreciated

    More tomorrow :) BONUS (Podcast of the day): https://twitter.com/bhatvakash/status/1244461499013357568 My key takeaway: In India you have to find PMF for each set of users (India 1, India 2, India 3) because consumer behavior is quite different between them.