Published: 6/5/2020

Hey y’all! First off, just wanted to thank everyone for being some of the early backers. Really appreciate all the support and hope you enjoy the daily curated feed. I will be aiming to drop every morning at 10 AM at least for the first couple of weeks (open to feedback if the community wants something different). Kicking day one off, we had a pretty exciting last week:

  • http://bit.ly/2viWfPw : WhatsApp was finally given the go ahead by NPCI to expand their WhatsApp Pay platform, in a phased out manner, initially expanding to 10M users. Why is this big? 400M Indians use WhatsApp on a monthly basis so Pay could be the first step into building a “superapp” platform in India. Imagine if you could talk to your friends, order an Ola, get dinner delivered (via Zomato), or pay your local Kirana waala all from WhatsApp itself.
  • https://tcrn.ch/37dDomi: In funding news, BYJUs raised an additional $200M at a whopping $8.2B valuation. BYJUs has built a huge edtech brand helping over 40M students across the country (in addition to sponsoring the cricket team which in itself is a genius move because nothing sells more in India than Cricket & Education), and is one of the very few consumer startups in India close to profitability.
  • http://bit.ly/3brS4RV: ShareChat has interestingly launched a fantasy sports betting app called “Jeet11” and will be competing with Dream11 & MPL. The app has been apparently in beta for a while and while the company definitely needs to figure out their monetization strategy, this might be an interesting way to drive revenue (& maybe profitability) for the company (IF they can keep the user acquisition costs low).
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