Published: 6/5/2020

Good late morning, and I hope y'all have a great Monday (I presume of y'all have the day off as well). I had a great weekend and also have Monday off too (for something called Memorial Day that I have no clue about). But coming to the week's news, grocery startups are quaking and what really defines a "cofounder"? 1. https://tcrn.ch/2zpYOSc: JioMart launches in 200 cities ➡️ Roughly a month after Facebook's investment in Reliance Jio, the company has widely rolled out its grocery platform, JioMart, to 200 cities after previously being restricted to a couple of parts of Mumbai.

➡️ The company has launched a new website, jiomart.com, and is accepting deliveries in Tier 1 & 2 cities across the country. I have briefly played around with the website (but haven't placed an order) and while the website seems quite basic & functional. ➡️ They do have a cool search interface with and has a "search with list" feature- users can enter a list of products and view search results for all of them (one at a time) which might make online grocery shopping easier. ➡️ With a lot companies entering the grocery delivery business (some temporarily?), it will be interesting to see if consumers switch over to Jio and how quick that transition happens. Grofers and BigBasket probably have slightly better ordering interfaces, but Jio might be able fulfill more orders with its network of stores. ➡️ In the long run I have no doubt that Jio would conquer the space. The vastness of their network and power will probably help them have lower price points and cover more areas while keeping up with demand and building a tighter integration with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Pay.

2. https://bit.ly/2X0ngTg: Zomato has a new cofounder ➡️ I kinda did a double take when I read this headline and tweeted out my confusion as well- https://twitter.com/anmolm_/status/1264613023106260992 but it sounds like Zomato has "elevated" its food delivery biz CEO, Mohit Gupta, to a co-founder.

➡️ And this got me thinking what defines a co-founder? Is it someone who was around in the initial phases of a company being "founded", or does it also apply to people who have been very instrumental in a company's success. ➡️ Mohit Gupta definitely wasn't at Zomato when it was founded initially as a discovery platform but has been an integral part of growing the food delivery biz at the company, which is probably it's most important product now. ➡️ I feel like I might have been a little quick to judge the company about how it titles people. And if a company wants to give the "cofounder" title to someone who has been influential part of the company, that is up to them. ➡️ As someone who doesn't work at Zomato, my opinion on this matter does not matter at all. Companies reward their employees in all sorts of ways. If the founders of Zomato felt like Mohit Gupta's work at the company is deserving of the title and if Mohit Gupta himself feels like the title gratifies the work he's put in, the promotion/elevation does makes sense.

Feedback & ❤️ always appreciated

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