Published: 6/5/2020


Happy 2 Billion day everyone, WhatsApp just announced today that it now has 2B Monthly Active Users (of which 400M are from India aka 20%). In other news, I have coined a new term referring to a new segment of startups in India (#KiranaTech) & a popular US meditation app might be planning to launch in India.

  • http://bit.ly/2uKaSvp (TechInAsia): I honestly think we have just grazed the surface with the current crop of #KiranaTech startups in India, and expect to see the money invested in this sector to increase significantly in the next 2-3 years. There are startups building products to help kiranas manage their ledgers (Khatabook, Okcredit), provide working capital credit (BharatPe, Jumbotail), using kiranas as central locations for docking bikes (Bounce) & delivery logistics (Shadowfax, Flipkart), and now kiranas have even turned into ATMs with PhonePe. And we’re going to see a lot more products: POS systems for Kiranas, marketplaces that let kiranas buy wholesale products, platforms that let kiranas digitize their catalog (imagine seeing what all your local kirana has on WhatsApp), and so much more. I’m super excited to see the innovation in this space and I personally think it’s going to remain a very fragmented market for a while (apps owning their niche) unless Jio comes in and takes over.
  • https://tcrn.ch/2tWI1Ui (TechCrunch): In kind of not exactly Indian Startup news, Headspace announced a new round of fundraising ($93M in a combination of Equity & Debt). They also have a very interesting strategic investor in the round- Times Bridge (The Times Group investment arm that helps bring global companies to India). This would likely suggest that Headspace is planning to focus on India more closely, which makes sense because Eastern countries (India, China) have been practicing meditation for centuries. It will be interesting to see how Headspace plans to market their product in India. Their pricing in the US is at quite a premium ($12/month or $70 annually) which is similar to Netflix’s US pricing, but if they price in the same range as Netflix India (₹500/month) they would be targeting a very small segment of the Indian user base.
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