Published: 6/5/2020

Sorry for the slightly light week y'all, but happy Friday! This was a fairly boring week news wise, I didn't see much content in either India or even in the States. I do have some exciting news for y'all next week to stay tuned for that :) Coming to the day's content, SimSim is trying something new & MakeMyTrip explores a pivot as well. 1. https://bit.ly/2T4SMNq (Entrackr): SimSim explores a Cameo app ➡️ And we have yet another Cameo clone in India, this time brought to you by the social commerce company SimSim. I think someone said that there are probably more Cameo copycats in the country than influencers on the platforms itself and it certainly seems that way.

➡️ It does make sense why SimSim is trying something new, eCommerce has been at a completely standstill in the country for non-essential items. And with everyone spending more time on their devices, this is a good way for influencers to earn some money while entertaining consumers a bit. ➡️ I honestly don't think Rubaru will remain on the platform long-term or will be a very small part of SimSim in the future since it seems like commerce is still an integral part of the platform. ➡️ The one benefit I do see out of Rubaru is that it could provide a gateway for SimSim to bring on influencers onto the platform to eventually selling on the platform. It would be a much easier sell for SimSim to influencers to create short messages based on requests that come in. ➡️ And if these influencers start seeing a steady revenue stream from the platform, they might also start creating content for product to earn commission on those products and further generate a greater pie of their income through these platforms. ➡️ I still think Cameo and TikTok are primed to do better than local players in these areas, but the current players could build up a bit of a headstart while the global ones figure out how to enter these specific products in the Indian market.

2. https://bit.ly/2TnoyFV (YourStory): MakeMyTrip partners with hotels for food delivery ➡️ And we have yet another pivot today, MakeMyTrip is partnering up with hotels to launch an online gourmet food delivery service in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai. I have a couple thoughts around this but my major one is Why MMT? ➡️ So MakeMyTrip is an OTA where you can book flight tickets & hotel reservations (amongst other things), and their business has been decimated by the pandemic. But will gourmet food delivery even move the revenue needle in any sort of meaningful way for them? I can't see more than maybe a couple hundred or thousand people ordering from these hotels. ➡️ Moreover, it might even be more expensive for these hotels to keep their kitchens open to cook these meals than to stay closed all together. And then lastly, why would hotels tie up with MMT when they could easily tie up with Zomato or Swiggy instead. At least they would get more visibility that way. ➡️ I really don't have much else to add here other than the fact that this makes 0 sense to me and seems more gimmicky than a long-term strategy. Happy to hear if anyone has any views around how this might be meaningful for Hotels or MakeMyTrip.

Feedback & ❤️ always appreciated

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